Privacy Policy

CET Payroll believe in keeping life as simple and straightforward as possible. In relation to data protection and security, this means that we will ensure that your details are kept confidential, secure and up to date.
We only ask for information we need to provide the service you have requested.

For website enquiries, this means your name, address. In addition, we also ask for a telephone number and email address so that we may follow up enquiry.

We read every email or web enquiry that comes to us and endeavour to respond as soon as we can.
We will ensure that your details are kept secure on our own database and will never pass them on to third parties. You will only be contacted by our own personnel in connection with your order or the range of CET Payroll products. This may be by telephone or email and includes our regular E-zine. If you do not wish to be contacted at present, but would like to remain on our database, please let us know. Finally, we will not bombard you with unwanted spam or cookies.

We do not ask you to supply any financial information via our website and will only ask for your credit card details in person, on the telephone or in writing to confirm any order you have made. We will provide written confirmation of any charge made to your credit card and will ensure that your details are kept secure.
If you wish to update your details, or have them removed from our records completely, please let us know.
You may contact us by telephone on 01234 827102 or email We will take any necessary action and confirm in writing that this has been done.

If you have any queries about this policy or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always pleased to help.

Please remember that this policy will be updated from time to time and so you should check our web site to see the current policy. Unless otherwise stated, our current policy will apply to all information held about you.

CET Payroll is registered to hold personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998.